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Gram vikas parishad


GRAM VIKAS PARISHAD is a State level premier Non-Govt., Non-Political, Non-Profit Making, Secular, Humanitarian and Rural Development Voluntary Organization. 


GRAM VIKAS PARISHAD is a State level premier Non-Govt., Non-Political, Non-Profit Making, Secular, Humanitarian, Rural Development, and Voluntary Organization. It was established on 16/02/1986 with the initiative of few educated youths of Rangaloo in Nagaon district of Assam.


Details of legal status :

(i) Registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, vide Registration No. 79 of 1990-91 dated : 06/04/1991.

(ii) Registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976, Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, vide Regn. No. 020820027 of 1996 dated: 02/04/1996.

(iii) Registered under PWD Act, 1995 vide Regn. No. 24 dated: 05/03/2005.

(iv) Registered under Investor Education Protection Fund, Ministry of Company Affairs, Govt. of India, vide Regn. No. 10/9/2005-IEPF dated. 05/09/2005.

(v) Registered under the Juvenile Justice (J.J.) Act, 2000.

Affiliation :

(i) Affiliated Unit to Nehru Yuva Kendra, Nagaon, vide No. 17/1993-94 dated: 20/07/1993

(ii) Affiliated Unit to VIPNET, Vigyan Prasar, Govt. of India vide No. V-0418012 dated:31/07/03

iv) Affiliated Unit to District Sports Association, Nagaon


(i) Member, District Coordination Committee on Vocational Guidance & Employment Counseling.
(ii) Member, SWAJALDHARA District Committee.
(iii) Member, Association for Voluntary Agencies in Assam.
(iv) Member, District Task Force, IPPI, Nagaon.
(v) Member, District Pollution Control Board, Nagaon.
(vi) Member, District Water & Sanitation Committee, Nagaon.
(vii) Member, Voluntary Health Association of Assam.
(viii) Member, Voluntary Organization in the Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE).
(ix) Member, District Total Literacy Campaign, Nagaon.
(x) Member, District Renewable Energy Programme.
(xi) Member, District Disaster Risk Management Programme.
(xii) Member, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Consumer Advocacy Group (CAG).
(xiii) Member, District Child Protection Committee under ICPS.
(xiv) Member, District Level Committee for scrutiny and recommendation of project proposal.
(xv) Member, District level monitoring committee for programme and advertisement under information Broadcasting.
(xvi) Member, District Consumer Protection Council.
(xvii) Member, District level committee for monitoring the implementation of the SSA Prog.
(xviii) Member, Zilla Shaksharata Samittee (ZSS).
(xix) Member, State Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee under Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India.


At present, the Organization has 46 Nos of General Members from all over the State of Assam out of which 27 Nos of people are Female.


At present, the Organization has 11 (Eleven) Executive Members consisting of 1 (one). President, 1 (one) Vice-President, 2 (two) General Secretary, and 7 (seven) Executive Members. Out of 11 (Eleven) Members there are 3 (three) Female Members.


(i) IGNOU Special Study Centre (IGNOUSSC)
(ii) IGNOU Community Collage(iii) Sanitary Mart Production Centre (SMPC).
(iv) Rural Information Technology Youth Development Centre (RITYDC).
(iv) Middle Level Training Centre (MLTC).
(v) Anganwadi Worker’s Training Centre (AWTC).
(vi) Rural Building Centre (RBC).
(vii) Steel Furniture & Fabrication Unit (SFFU).
(viii) District Consumer Information Centre (DCIC).
(ix) District Disaster Management Cell (DDMC).
(x) Rural Sports Club (RSC).
(xi) Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Nagaon (JSS)